Saturday, May 5, 2012

So I should only have to stress about finals this week since I have three tests and a paper due, yet another big whammy has hit us: possible Iberia strike which might end up in cancelling our flight back to the States. Just what I need...The strike was started by unhappy flight attendants and Carmen has a friend who is a flight attendant but didn´t even know exactly why they were striking! That makes me so mad. They affect so many people when they should just be happy to have a job, unlike the majority of people in Spain. This happened when we went to France for spring break, there was a general strike at the airport, but at least we knew the Monday before we left that our flight was cancelled so we managed to move it easily to Friday instead of Thursday. However in this case, Iberia might not tell us it´s cancelled until the day before or day of. That leaves very little time to change our flights not the mention that most of us are on the group flight which would mean about 100 students need to change. Best case senario is that if it does get cancelled (which I´m almost positive it will) that we can get the flight moved to Thursday. I have a final but it ends at 10:30 am so if I can get on an aftrnoon or night flight, that would be ideal. I just want to get home and not have to worry about staying here until Saturday or Sunday. I want to spend mother´s day with my fam!

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