Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tis the season for parents! Last weekend our friend's mom was here, this weekend Alyssa's parents are here, and next week Jenna's are coming. Two days ago was my dad's birthday so hearing about everyone else's has made me miss them even more. At least I can use Alyssa's as my pseudo parents for the weekend.
For instance, the four of us went to Toledo yesterday. It was kind of a drab day weather wise and started raining at one point, but it was all good. We went to an army museum trying to get into the castle, which didn't work but it was interesting and then we went to the El Greco art museum which was small but good because by that time we were all getting hungry. Luckily, lunch was awesome. We went to this restaurant which had a deal where you get two courses plus bread, water and dessert all for 8.50 euro. So I got jamon y queso, tortilla espanola and chocolate mousse. Mmmmm and Alyssa and I shared my tortilla espanola and her fried squid. Nom. After lunch we went to the cathedral but of course we had some issues figuring out how you get tickets so we just walked around it and hung out for an hour then took the train home. Overall good day!

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