Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A couple new things in my life: nutella and strawberries, nutella and rice cakes, nutella and toast, nutella and spoon. Are you noticing a trend? I think I might be addicted, but it's weird because it's not like I've never had it before now. It doesn't help that since now I'm also addicted to all food (meaning dessert) blogs 80% of items are made with nutella. Did I ever mention that we aren't allowed to use the kitchen here? Well yes, some girl tried to make COFFEE and burned down the kitchen so she ruined it all for the rest of us. And Carm prooobably wouldn't bend the rules for us anyway so I just have to wait until May to test out these amazing recipes I've been finding, which I've been writing down in a notebook so I don't forget them. Parents: prepare to let me take over the kitchen for at least my first week home. You won't regret it.
Now as far as my life in's great! The days are beautiful, Bruno is kind of bratty but children will be children, and the first week of midterms is over! I don't know that I passed with flying colors... but I can feel good grades coming my way. I STILL have the mindset that I can't fail because I'm abroad so hopefully that will become a reality. We will find out next week.

Anyways, I'm gonna end on a fun note with a little countdown of all the great things to come:
8 days until Alyssa's parents come
23 days until St. Patty's weekend in London
36 days until we head out to Paris (plus other undetermined places) for spring break
49 days until my parents come
57 days until the trip to Andalusia
64 days until our trip to Portugal
79 days until home!!!

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