Saturday, February 18, 2012

Today is beautiful. It's in the 40-50's and it's sunny which just makes life a little happier. In the spring at cuse once it becomes 40 degrees everyone believes it's summer so people wear shorts and the frats play music and it just makes you instantly happy. I'm having a case of that today. SO Alyssa and I decided to take advantage of the day and go on a run (yes this is the first time I've exercised in almost two months so it wasn't very impressive...but we did last for half an hour). And boy did we need to get out. Carmen hasn't been our biggest fan this past week and I don't think we've been hers either. This morning I woke up and said good morning but she was cooking so I didn't want to get in her way so I just went back to my room for an hour and waited to eat breakfast..but when I made my toast and coffee she asked me what I was doing and why I was in my bed. Well sorry that it's 10 am and I'm politely waiting for you to be done in your tiny kitchen also waiting for Alyssa to wake up. What would you like me to be doing? So we went on the run and now we are showering and going back out for a picnic and to explore Plaza de Espana. Speaking of explore, yesterday we went with the school on a trip to Segovia. Talk about beautiful. Once again it reminded me of Girona. Ahhh Girona. Our first stop in Spain! That was SO long ago. In Segovia we visited the famous aqueduct, the Alcazar castle (amazing) and just walked around, enjoyed the day (and of course the food). Took us a while but we finally stumbled upon this bakery that apparently everyone else found too (because it was the only place open at 2:30 pm in Segovia) that had the most amazing looking pastries. We got chocolate covered palmeras. YUM I wish I had a picture but I ate it too fast..Gotta go now cause I need to get clean so we can enjoy our picnic in Parque Oeste. Fav place to waste/enjoy time. Hasta luego!

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