Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Finally I am posting those photos that I said I would put up a while ago (plus some recent churro crawl pics)....
On top of a castle in Peniscola where we just casually stopped for lunch on the way to Tarragona...most beautiful day of Mare Nostrum
Finally in Tarragona!! And it was beautiful...obviously

Now onto the churro crawl.......
A little blurry...but Alyssa lovin life

So as you can tell...the crawl was awesome. Churros are basically like long sticks of fried dough and you dunk them in the chocolate nomnomnom. We are cheap and trying not to gain 800 pounds so we shared them and it was the perfect amount. Also, we didn't realize that this was the same place we went to in Valencia. It's called Valor and we definitely need to come back (but not until we've hit all the other places (aka three because Alyssa found a fourth store!)).

Other recent things in life: Bid day was Sunday!!! I wish I could have been there so bad to yell and look like a fool and meet all the new girls. I've heard so many awesome things about them which just adds one more thing on my list of why I miss cuse. I'm so excited for Dibs, Heather, Casey and Sydney to be proud mamas, they're all gonna be amazing and raise them so well! I can't wait to hear stories. Also, today I went to babysit Bruno but he was feeling sick and didn't want to play so Maria said I should go pretty quickly into the visit. Poor baby! She tried to slip his medicine into some yogurt but he knew before she could give it to him so he wouldn't eat it for the longest. Funny how moms do the same things to get their kids to do stuff...I learned how to swallow pills by sticking them in cheese (of course...) and my mom has definitely mashed up medicine in my pudding or juice or something. So in the end I came back early. Also I'm recently obsessed with the show Pushing Daisies. It's mad old and only has two seasons but it's quirky and great and involves pie. Que mas...this week is our first normal week! No class on Friday, which I'm very excited about and this Wednesday my art class is taking its first trip to el Museo del Prado, which is also pretty exciting. Classes are good, the weather is good, and Sunday night we had cheeseburgers and went to TGIF (yes, they have TGIF in Madrid) to watch the superbowl, que americano. Overall, life is good!

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