Tuesday, January 24, 2012

About time we're in Madrid!! We got here yesterday and I finally feel more or less settled. Carmen is so welcoming and so nice and just wants us to feel as comfortable as possible. Alyssa brought a map with her so we showed Carmen where we live and where we've traveled. Also she made a really good dinner of vegetable puree soup, tortilla de patatas, salad and bread. And this morning we had coffee (which was SO good) and toast. We chatted a lot but it's kind of hard to keep up.. I'm taking four spanish classes so that will help I think. Today was orientation and I took the metro for the first time with Alyssa! They are so clean and so quiet (both the train and the people..) but also so incredibly easy. Also, of course our metro stop is on the same street as the school but we didn't realize it so we walked like 6 blocks out of the way. Missin my girls but I wouldn't trade this for Syracuse or New Haven right now. Also I'm extremely excited for the fact that Carmen has a 2 year old granddaughter who's mom is pregnant again and due in March! Can't wait to meet them.

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