Sunday, January 15, 2012

Girona was such a great start to this trip. The food, the architecture, it was all so interesting you could just look around for hours. Adjusting to the relaxed atmosphere is not hard at all but the difference in eating has taken some getting used to. Breakfast is around 9, lunch at 2 and dinner at 9 or 10, which is so late to me, but the food has been delicious and we've only had to pay out of pocket once and it was well priced. Our first night I ate more than I think I have at a restaurant before. We were first given toasted bread and rubbed garlic and cut tomatoes on it which was delicious, and then for the first course was a mixed salad with corn, greens, white asparagus, tomato, onion, and olives. We also had a plate of hot cheese that was so amazing (with more bread) and three grilled vegetables on toast. For the entree there was a choice of chicken, fish, pork, sausage or veal. I got the fish, and they were not was the entire fish; bones, head, tail and all. Definitely different than I'm used to but it tasted really good. Except that of course I ate a couple of the bones...oops! Then for dessert I shared a chocolate mousse which was awesome but I was so glad not to eat it all alone because by that time I was stuffed. But anyway, we are now in Barcelona and the view is amazing. Our room has a balcony! And even though it's Sunday, there's still so much to look at and so much going on. Can't wait for three hours...its 7.