Saturday, January 21, 2012

We've been to Tarragona and are now in Valencia! This trip has felt like a month but its only been a little over a week. I am so ready for Madrid, but I love Valencia. It's unbelievably beautiful. We've seen so many beautiful views of mountains and buildings and sea. Cray. The only thing is that I am so over hotels. We just learned about our host mom yesterday and I cannot wait! Her name is Carmen and she has a little granddaughter, just what I wantedddd!! Plus me and Alyssa have our own rooms and share a bathroom separate from Carmen. Perfecto! Today we visited the Museo Lladro where they make porcelain figures all by hand and painted by hand and so intricate and beautiful and tomorrow we are going to an aquarium and taking a boat ride! It will be a great way to end mare nostrum.

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