Thursday, January 26, 2012

First day of classes yesterday! I can't believe it..this semester is beginning to get faster and faster. I'm taking all of my classes (four) in spanish so we'll see how this goes. Last night we went to an irish pub to watch the Barca vs. Real Madrid game and they tied 2-2. Its so comforting to go to places where they speak english and most of the people are American but at the same time I can't wait to branch out a little bit because I've been to more irish pubs in Spain than actual clubs (Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid). Also because I want to see more spanish men. Hello, that is 60% of why I'm here! So yeah, I guess I should have gone for a run in the park instead of taken that 3 hour nap today..oops. Regardless all that I'm really focused on right now is getting completely acclimated to Madrid. I got the metro down for the most part but I need to start memorizing what I don't know and also street names. That's gonna take a while.
Also, it's technically Friday morning here (12:15 am) so shout outs to Phi Sig cause kick off starts tonight. Sending you all my love!


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